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...Hi, i plan to make a set of 100 random trips that depart at 0 and arrival after 1000s. I used code: "Python -n -r m_100_1.rou.xml -e 1000 -p 10 --random" => result: each vehicle departs after 10s. Exam vehicle id=0 start at 0, and after 10s next vehilce wil depart.......
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...Hi, I would like to thank you for this nice community, Secondly, we wish develop a simulator based on sumo; and I want to know how can I launch sumo graphic simulation within a GUI developed by python. how can I run it stop it from buttons of our extended simulator (not sumo......
in Sumo User Mailing List by e-elarbi — 0 replies in thread
... is kind of blink or going transparent only when in the opposite lane. 1) Do you know why this happen? 2) Is there any way to disable this vehicle color behavior (blink/twinkle/become transparent)? In other words, keep the vehicle with normal color. Thanks, Rafael
in Sumo User Mailing List by rafalimaz — 0 replies in thread
...Dear all, I would like to couple the TRANSYT-TRL software with SUMO. Is there any way to interface the two tools in order to import directly TRANSYT data into SUMO? Do you know if there are editable output files from TRANSYT that can be imported (after coding) in SUMO? I have used the LISUM......
in Sumo User Mailing List by Kallirroi Porfyri — 0 replies in thread
...=200.0, upstreamDist=20.0) As per the documentation, 0 and -1 are the lane indices of the Ego car and its right neighboring lane. As for the left neighboring lane I used '1' as Lane index. This is where the problem is occurring. I am getting the subscription results of the traffic objects in...
in Sumo User Mailing List by Shreevatsa — 0 replies in thread
... scale? For example see image below: For instance in the first phase in the image, is their a total of 11 seconds of green time in Phase 1 and 8 seconds in Phase 2? I am terribly confused about SUMO's logic to traffic light sequencing and any help in understanding what is going on would be great appreciated. Thanks in advance Ifezue Obiako
in Sumo User Mailing List by obiakoifezue — 0 replies in thread
...Dear all, Has anybody faced with the following warning ever: Warning: Network contains internal links which are ignored. Vehicles will 'jump' across junctions and thus underestimate route lengths and travel times. It appears while I have not used any option regarding ignoring the internal......
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... as an additional file. My demand file contains about 700,000 passenger cars. My model is a large-scale network. 1- Dose SUMO randomly uses these 99-VehType parameters? this file with 99 VehType parameters will be replaced with my default VehType parameters? In my route file, I just determine V...
in Sumo User Mailing List by mehdi — 0 replies in thread
Does anyone have anything describing the formulas or decision trees for the SUMO lane change model? I'm trying to work through the source code and having difficulties grasping what is happening under the hood. I realize it is a complex model with a lot of cases, but anything helps!
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...Dear All I am working on a large-scale network simulation. Now I have a trips file generated by Dynamic User Assignment (duaiterate). What I have from real-world data is only about 200 points of speed data. This speed data is an annually average speed data for one day with five minutes of......
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...] _______________________________________________ sumo-user mailing list sumo-user@... To unsubscribe from this list, visit itre.PNG (10K) <> (6K) <>
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...Hi, I am new to SUMO and notice from the user document that SUMO can insert vehicles in a equally-spaced or randomized manner. I wonder if it is possible to have user-defined randomness at vehicle insertion? For example, can I by some means regulate that the departure time between consecutive......
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